We wanted to inform you of some recent improvements to our service. In order to ensure we continue to live up to our promise of "your practice, our priority", we have made / are making the following changes as part of our continued initiative to fully commit to providing you with the best teleradiology service possible and seamlessly integrate into your current practice.

  • With the introduction of our new platform, you will experience improved image transfer times, processing time and ultimately turn around times
  • Your Techs and ordering physicians will enjoy complete transparency of every step of every study in our work flow
  • Detailed audit trails and reporting
  • Optional - ER portal where ER physicians can view reports and exams electronically on a monitor in the ER
  • Redundancy - local internet, server and radiologist redundancy translating into consistent up time for you Customer service
  • Sun Teleradiology has added dedicated ancillary staff, improved workflows, and increased efficiency with an emphasis on quality and turn around time.
  • We recognize that a big part of what makes our service unique is that we are a local radiologist group, just like you.  Our promise to you is this will never change.  We believe in cooperation, not competition.
  • Because we recognize the challenges in radiology that we all face together , we are also introducing formal rad to rad contact.  While we have been doing this informally with clients for years we will be establishing more consistent and formal contact.  If desired,  you provide us with a client radiologists liaison.  We will assign one of our partners to directly contact this radiologist ensuring open and direct communication.  Besides constant availability for any issue, our radiologists will also routinely check in to see if there is any way we can improve our service to you.